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Oct. 12, 2020 – San Diego, CA, USA

Perfect bedtime story for young ones to learn the importance of family, acceptance, and the human-animal bond.

The adventures of one happy (and a little bossy) chicken!

Inspired by a true story, One Happy Chicken is a children’s book brought to life by the whimsical illustrations of Sharon Davey.

Zoe is a tiny chick with a big attitude. Stranded all alone on a busy sidewalk, Zoe finds a new home when a kindly woman comes to her rescue. She gets more than she bargained for though when her new family comes with two children, three dogs, six cats, two small parrots, and a bunny! But with a lot of moxie and a bit of mischief, Zoe quickly becomes head of the pack.

What other adventures will Zoe get into as she grows up with her new family?

About the Author

Diane Calkins is a writer, mother of two, grandmother of two, and committed animal welfare advocate. She has written articles and/or commentaries for Fancy Publications,, the Los Angeles Times, The San Diego Union Tribune, and many more. Her experiences as an animal shelter volunteer and animal advocate have profoundly affected her personally and as a writer.

Diane’s writing focuses on the power of the human-animal connection. Through her work, she explores the way animals can enrich and enhance our lives through their devotion and individual personalities. In 2019, Diane made her first foray into children’s literature with One Happy Chicken.

What folks are saying …

“I bought this for my two young nephews. They love this book and have fallen in love with chickens because of it. The illustrations are wonderful, and the boys often turn the pages together and talk about the story even though they can’t read yet. It is so nice to see a different animal book for children, they are mostly of sweet, fluffy animals, which is nice, but they need to see that other animals are also worth loving. This book does that.”
— Amazon Review

“One Happy Chicken is a sweet story of love and kindness and tells of a family that is already full of children and animals still being willing to take in one more. It addresses adversity and how to deal with it and move on. The inclusion of this chick in the home is one of care and concern and is well portrayed for the age level 2-7. The illustrations are clever and clear and add to the energy of the story line.”
— Teacher Review

“I got this book for my three-year-old granddaughter, who loves to help take care of her own chickens. This is a charming tale of a little chick who was found wandering alone on a sidewalk and taken in by a loving family who couldn’t resist her. Zoe the Chicken turns out to be a chicken with ‘leadership qualities.’ When she joins the already burgeoning pet-friendly family, she becomes the boss! We loved reading this book together. We enjoyed the story of Zoe and lovely illustrations. Highly recommended!!”
— Amazon Review

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ISBN: 979-8649120999
30 Pages; Paperback, eBook


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